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Spinal clinic limited, one of the foremost chiropractic’s facilities in Ghana was established in 2006 by a renowned Chiropractor Dr Bryan Leon Cox an expect in Chiropractic adjustment to correct all spinal misalignment due to defects in the spine such as injuries, stress and bad posturing. With his wife Mrs Faustina Osei Cox who is in charge of the Operations and Administration area of the company

The clinic can boast of Dr Charles Jhessim who Spinal Clinic Limited help sponsor his chiropractic education in Sherman school of chiropractic in the south Carolina in the USA who was adjudged as the best student in among his mates in school in his year group and Dr Kudiabor our expect nutritionist and naturopathy.

Currently, the hospital operates+ two states of the act facilities in Lashibi community 20 and East Legon near the college of education formally Accra Training College and Tamale branch near Kabina barracks with the staff and experts strength of 32.

Spinal Clinic Limited can boost of some successes since its establishment. Dr Cox is the first person of African descent to become a fellow of the international of chiropractors association, we have won the first award for Ghana customer service in Chiropractic as well the hall of Fame.

Because of our expertise, the Clinic and Dr Cox received the honour to educate and adjust the staff in Liberia by the UN on the importance of the Spine. For 10 years we have been on a yearly peak program which trains students from Life University in the USA to create more awareness about chiropractic in Ghana.

Dr Cox graduated from life university and had his undergraduate at James Madison University and majored in Kinesiology with the concentration in exercise science. Spinal Clinic Limited has an NGO  called Chiropractic Around The World which is aimed at providing less cost care for the under privileged in the society as well building of a borehole in the Dome community.

With the author as Dr Cox, Spinal Clinic Limited can boast of books called Love your Spine and Dr Spine goes to school. The spine books to educate children about the importance of their Spine.  We are a registered company by Ghana law, with the ministry of health (TMPC), and GIPC. The facility won the West African Clinical Alliance Award (WACAA) as an outstanding Leader in Chiropractic care of the year 2017, also enlisted into the Ghana Customer Service Hall of Fame in 2015.

  • Chiropractic adjustment – to middle and upper class, elderly for old age pains and health, corporate world on a good posture and stress-free living.
  • Exclusive stretches – for muscle relation, flexibility and adjustment enhancement.
  • Deep tissue and relaxation massage – for specific muscle relaxation
  • Corporate health talk - for education and awareness to the spine
  • Nutrition and colon cleansing – to provide holistic health wellness to the bodies tissues, bones, nerves or nerves systems, muscle, ligaments
  • Chiro care for pregnant mums and babies
  • Mobility enhancement Pain relief, rehabilitation, traction, stability exercise, core strengthening, dislocation and after surgery physio
  • Lifestyle coaching– on posture, exercise etc
  • Family care plan and advice a package