Dr. Spine goes to School

1 Mar 2018 Uncategorized

The spine protects the most important system in the body the Central Nervous System. Many of us have issues that could have possibly been prevented if we worked on specific habits as kids.

Meet Dr. Spine, a cool doctor that kids love and gravitate to. He not only is cool but kids learn how to live healthier lives. This is my first children’s book aimed to educate children about the importance of their spine.


It talks about the spine and exercising the spine, the importance of eating more fruits and vegetables for children, how to lift objects properly, sitting, and sleeping properly, how much weight should be in book bags and much more. It also has a question and answer section so parents can find out if the child learned anything.

Children from 5-12 will enjoy the color and graphics in the book. And people of all ages could learn something from this book.

most importantly other than educating the younger generation, every book that is purchases goes towards building a borehole in impoverished communities in Ghana, West Africa and beyond.

Call The Spinal Clinic on 0244-837-317 / 0246-199-503 if you are in Ghana or 8042728826 if you are in United State of America.

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